At Covid-19 quarantine times, the only way to communicate with your friends and family who are not staying with you is through calls. We often have long FaceTime sessions. A lot of us struggle to find a way to fix our phones during the calls (if we don’t want to hold the phone in hand for too long, or if we don’t have a smartphone dock to fix it). Here come some ideas for how you can keep your phone stable while video-calling your loved ones, in different home situations. This series represents communication during social isolation. You are absorbed in your home environment and the only glimpse of the other person is a small blurred image of their face. The will to (at all costs) fix a smartphone for video calls is certainly a will to stay connected.

In addition to taking part in the current online shooting phenomenon, the shooting with art director and stylist Olya Slovo a combination of fashion portrait and still life: both a model with a styled look and a complete still life composition are present.

Photography & Set Design – Vasilisa Ganakova
Style & Model – Olya Slovo