Flower Research

Personal series exploring the flower, a classic symbol of beauty. It has been countlessly represented in art, and today it is has become omnipresent in social media pictures, over-photographed.

In this series, set design is used to question the representation of a such a common, over-seen and over-used object as a flower, carry out visual experiments in order to find a different view on the floral.

Three different approaches are used for three different parts of the series.

Part 1: A reflection on the relation between the nature and the artificial. These pictures are built of real flower petals and artificial petals, made of painted paper. Each composition seems to be an image of a new, imaginary plant.

Part 2: What we see is not the flower itself, but its reflection, a deformed and enlarged shape through human made glass objects and lenses.

Part 3: The flowers are hidden behind a layer of plastic. Only colors and a few details are visible under the artificial texture that could be compared to a pixel effect.

Photo, Post-production — Vasilisa Ganakova
Set Design —Léa Leblanc