Marit van Heumen: Error of Function

Marit van Heumen is an accessory designer. In her recent project for IFM she questions the functional side of human-made objects and bags in particular. The architecture of products, and the fact that products communicate their purpose though their design, interest her. Some accessories, like simple gloves, follow this design principle. However in some accessoires, the aesthetic defeats function, making them almost unwearable. In Marit’s bag collection, the tension between function and aesthetic is researched in different manners.

The photographic series not only showcases the bag collection, but also interprets the concept of functionality in its own way.

These visuals could have been basic packshots, understandable and very well representing the product for customers on an e-commerce website. But none of these images give us an opportunity to see the product in its entirety. The images are either cropped in a random way, or presenting the object from an inconvenient angle. Some parts are blurry and deformed or hidden in over-present shadows. The series questions functionality and purpose of photography, similar to the design concept of the bags.

Photo, Set, Post-production — Vasilisa Ganakova
Bags by Marit van Heumen, IFM