Photographs I took during my first trip to Japan, and a minimalist photography book I designed after this trip.

Momijigari is the word the Japanese use to describe the action of observing, the contemplation of red-leaf trees during the late fall season. The design of the book is inspired by the trees turning yellow, orange and finally red, Japan covered in these colors. It is also arranged as a Japanese book, which is read from right to left.

Last November it was the first time in my life that I traveled to Japan. As people said, it was a little warmer than usual and the nature hadn’t turned all red yet. However, I still call my trip a Momijigari trip. For me it was the action of contemplating Japan for the first time in autumn.

We might certainly think of some gothic inspiration in the main font Nova Cut, but at the same time it can be compared to classic Japanese calligraphy.

Graphic design & Photography – Vasilisa Ganakova
Font Nova Cut – Wojciech Kalinowski


Graphic design