Poésia ! 

Art Direction Masters Final project at École de Condé, Paris.

"Poésia!" is an installation dedicated to contemporary Russian immigration poetry in France. The installation space suggest its visitors discover this art through image and sound. The first part of the installation is a series of  images, each one representing a poem. The second part of the installation is a video room where the visitors discover the stories behind the poems.

The installation is accompanied by an augmented reality smartphone application to use during the visit, a book, print and digital posters and an interactive web page.

Art Direction - Vasilisa Ganakova
Photography & Graphic Design - Vasilisa Ganakova
Motion design - Vasilisa Ganakova, Sarah Théophile
Set design - Aleksandr Ganakov, Dmitry Glavatskikh
French voices - Pascal Gravaud, Léo Lebesgue, Andrea Laure
Russian voices - Dmitry Isaev, Alina Leytush, Svetlana Ganakova

Sound design - Alexis Pineau Poetry by - Vasily Betaki, Aleksandr Galitch, Aleksandr Gabriel, Inna Lisnyanskaya, Alexey Makoushkinsky, Naum Korzhavin, Aleksandr Radashkevich, Joseph Brodsky


Art direction
Web design
Editorial design
Motion design